Maintaining Health Of Senior Citizens: Nutritional Needs and Valuable Tips

Getting older is inevitable. Increasing age and decreasing energy and lively countenance are the symptoms of old age which brings many diseases and poor health. Survival becomes tough at this age but can live it to its fullest with the good health by adopting to the right lifestyle and healthy choices. Senior citizens or those adults who are in their 60s or above, need to take special care of their dietary selections. Healthy food intake at this stage of life can mean better management of weight and improved overall well-being. Seniors need to be aware that due to natural degenerative changes in their bodies and nutrition needs, they need to make intelligent choices in food that promotes better overall health.

It is a well-known fact that as we age changes occur in our bodies and these, in turn, affect the way our bodies and even our minds function. We have a slower metabolism, we are more prone to depression, our digestive system is not what it used to be, we tend to gain weight, have failing eyesight and our bones and muscles become weaker. Hence, it is important to make the right dietary choices to maintain optimum health at this stage of our lives.

Choosing the right foods and maintaining a well-balanced diet can improve our immune system, sharpen our minds, prevent or manage health risks better and give us a more happier state of mind.

  • Fruits and vegetables of different colors can provide us with valuable antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.

  • Whole grains are healthier and provide roughage which helps our digestive system

  • Nuts, seeds, lentils provide protein and antioxidants

  • Eggs, yoghurt, fresh salads, fish and lean meats for Omega 3, calcium and other valuable nutrients

  • Olive oil or canola oil used for cooking is more healthier and prevent high cholesterol

  • Avoid sugar, butter, white flour, white rice, foods with hidden sugars and red meats as these foods can aggravate or cause health problems

  • Cook food using less oil and instead try grilling, sautéing or steaming to persevere vitamins and nutrients

Seniors face health problems such as diabetes, hypertension, weaker bones and muscles, arthritis, vision problems and so on. A well-balanced diet is crucial to manage these health issues and maintain better health.

Healthier food choices do not mean that the food is not tasty or boring. There are many delicious recipes available online for healthy food and it means making intelligent decisions to protect your health and promote overall well-being in mind and body. Reading food labels, eating smaller portions, having meals on time, staying hydrated by drinking water regularly and getting regular exercise are smart choices that can help us to improve the quality of our lives at this stage.

Top 5 Tips for Using Dietary Supplements

In the hasty life and schedules of today, none of us follow proper diet or its plan. The deficiency caused due to improper diet intake leads to the requirement of the dietary supplements. Use of dietary supplements varies according to the body type, and thus every dietary supplement is not safe for every individual. Also, the amount of intake differs and so is necessary to get some important tips before using these dietary supplements, below mentioned are the following- 

  1. Know yourself – The best way to start any dietary supplement is to know your body, its requirements and don’ts. You can calculate your body mass index and accordingly you can choose dietary supplements. Above all, you can monitor your body obviously better than others, so just check whether the food you are taking is sufficient for you or not. Also, if you are doing any strenuous exercise daily, you can take dietary supplements as your body needs more.
  2. Never regularize your supplement – Addiction of anything is not good, and so is with the dietary supplements. Therefore, prefer to take whole grain food rather than having its supplements. Also, supplements are never substituted of foods; hence try not to skip meals anyways.
  3. Choose vitamin as per your age and gender – Different supplements are made up for different age groups and genders too. All required from you is to choose the right supplement as per your age and gender. For example – There are vitamins for older people that give them strength to stay healthy and fight with diseases; similarly there are vitamins for kids that help them in growing. Also, supplement intake differs on the basis of gender; like female requires vitamins, which actually help them in keeping themselves healthy pre and post menopause and delivering a healthy baby. Similarly, for males there are vitamins that increase their stamina to do strenuous work.
  4. Consult your dietician or health advisor – Never start taking any sort of diet supplement without any guidance or expert advice. Check for the pros and cons of the dietary supplement and also the best you can take to solve out your purpose. Consultation is necessary as it will drive you in the right direction rather being misguided.
  5. Balance supplement intake with your diet – Neither excess nor deficit of any of the supplement should be followed by you. Every expect to have its own plus and minuses for example, excessive intake of vitamin B6 causes neurological problem, Vitamin A may cause birth defects if taken during pregnancy.

Follow the tips and stay healthy….!!!!

Prevent Heart Disease by Eating Right

There is an old saying – you are what you eat. The wisdom of these words have stayed through time and perhaps is more relevant today than ever before. With advances in technology, out lifestyles have changed much and not all for the better, especially when it comes to our health.

As machines reduce human effort, we tend to shift to a more sedentary life plagued by various diseases like diabetes, hypertension, kidney, liver and heart disease. What makes it sad is the fact that these diseases can be avoided or kept a bay if we eat right and lead a fairly active life.

On an average, the human body required 2000 Calories of energy to function on a normal day. Any excess calories we intake will be converted in fat by the body. As a person gains weight, the heart has to work harder to supply blood to the organs. Eating healthy is therefore the first requirement to prevent heart disease. What foods are good for us and which aren’t? Here is a complete list.

  • Low on carbohydrates, fat and sugars: It is recommended that you avoid high fatty foods and sugars as they contain a huge amount of calories. Remember that every calorie that you do not burn converts to fat and is stored away. Eat foods in small portions and if required take frequent small meals to keep your metabolism up.
  • Avoid spicy and oily foods: Oils are not easy to digest and spices make your stomach lining irritated. Morever, oils increase cholesterol which block the arteries leading to heart disease. The more lardy and greasy the food is, the worse it is for your cholesterol and heart.
  • Avoid red meats: Red meat like pork and mutton up your risk for heart disease and cholesterol and should not be had in a regular basis. White meat like chicken and meat are a heathier alternative when cooked in low oil or grilled.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables are high in nutrients and fiber that help the body to absorb fats better. It is best to consume fruits and vegetables as salads instead of as juice since the fiber content remains intact in the former. Salads give you a filled feeling that helps to curb your hunger.

As you switch to a healthier foods, you would surely feel the difference and your cravings for unhealthy foods would go down.

Catering – Business at a Large and Small Level

So, you have been the responsibility to arrange for the next corporate party and a slipup will be very costly for your career. You are all tensed because there are so many things to do and you hardly have any time to plan. What will you do? Starting from choosing a suitable venue to arranging for the catering to making sure that the decoration looks just perfect, there are so many things that need to be done. Which one will you start with? Do not worry. Just make sure that you choose the right catering service and they will arrange for everything else. Many people think that catering services are just for food purposes and all the other things have to be done by them. This is a common misconception and one that needs to be cleared as soon as possible. Catering services cater to so much more than you think and they do in style. Finding the best catering services in Delhi NCR is not a difficult job, especially when you have the internet in your hands. Search online with caterers in Delhi and go through the websites that come up on the list. Here are some of the things that you are going to find.

Best Catering Services in Delhi NCR

Venue and décor specialists

If you are not able to find a good venue for the party, stop searching and delegate the work to the caterers. They are the best people to know which location would be suitable for the party and depending on the number of people who are going to attend the event, they would soon come up with the best possible venue. Same is the case for decoration of the venue. They work with the best decorators who will decorate the venue according to the type of the party. If you want a specific theme for the party, mention that to the caterers while hiring them and they would take care of it. Caterers are like those unsung heroes who do not get the appreciation they deserve.

Mouth watering food

The reason why people know caterers as caterers is because of the delicious food that they serve in various events. Be it weddings or corporate parties or birthdays or a simple gathering of old friends and relatives. The best caterers will make sure that the food they serve would be discussed for a long time because of their high quality and taste. Most of the catering companies pay special attention to the variety of dishes they have in their menu. There is always an urge to make something special and the catering companies never fail to surprise their clients with the different names on their menu list.

Foods That Calm The Mind And Body

Several types of foods can serve to reduce anxiety. These are the essential components of your diet if you want a stress free existence.

Wholegrain Foods
Those tolerant towards gluten can opt for whole grains cereals such as pasta and bread. Whole grain foods are high in magnesium, the lack of which is said to cause stress. Whole grain foods also contain hydroplane which releases a calming neurotransmitter serotonin. Whole grain foods can also reduce hunger and increase energy levels in the body.

Seaweed has many benefits such as whole grains. These are also rich in nutrients. They contain high amounts of magnesium and tryptophan thereby reducing anxiety and lowering stress. If you are gluten sensitive, seaweed is easier to digest as well.

These are a superfood rich in nutrients like vitamins and plant nutrients. They are also extremely high in antioxidants which release stress and tension from the body. Peaches are another fruit that has a calming impact on the body.

These contain zinc, iron and healthy fats. It is part of a balanced diet, and low levels of iron are associated with tiredness and stress, contributing to a lack of energy and increasing anxiety.

Dark Chocolate
It is vital for relieving anxiety and stress. Chocolate lowers cortisol which is a stress creating hormone in the body. Compounds within dark chocolate also help to regulate the mood.

Chamomile Tea
Chamomile Tea is the best anti-anxiety medication for a natural calming effect. This mild tea has many benefits for those suffering from anxiety and stress.

African Red Bush Tea
It is also called Rooibos Tea. It lowers cortisol and stress in the human body. It can have a natural calming effect on the mind as well.

Tryptophan in the turkey is linked to high neurotransmitters of serotonin which have been found to reduce anxiety disorders.

It contains a neuroprotective quality because there are antioxidants in it. These take out the stress and tension of the body. Research has also shown that this ingredient keeps depression and anxiety at bay.

These are ideal for increasing health and lowering anxiety. High in potassium, avocados reduce blood pressure and contain vitamins and monosaturated fats essential for good health and low stress.

It is high in folic acid and vitamins. It is also high in potassium. Both these ingredients can keep stress down.

So, there are many foods you can eat to lower stress. Find out which of these suit you and live a healthy life.

Making Rogan Josh The Kashmiri Way

Rogan Josh RecipeHave you ever noticed that Rogan Josh is one of the dishes that are always listed in the menus of every restaurant across India? A delight for everyone, this delicacy that is originally from Kashmir is a must try for every foodie. Add some Kashmiri chillies to it and watch it being coloured generously. However, when you cook this delicacy, make sure you follow the Kashmiri method of preparing it.

Follow the original Kashmiri recipe

Even though the mouth watering Rogan Josh recipe does not use onions or garlics in it, you can add your own touches to it. Of course, when you try out the original Kashmiri recipe, you would find that not using garlics and onions in your food actually makes the dish extremely tasty. Deviating from the original recipe may completely change its taste and probably even disappoint you. So, try sticking to the original recipe as much as possible. This will give you excellent results and you would be left wanting for more.

Doesn’t need a trip to Kashmir

You do not need to make a trip to Kashmir in order to know how to prepare this dish. In fact, you can prepare it at the comfort of your home. Adding some scrumptious lamb meat or mutton is necessary since it is the main ingredient of the delicacy. You could optionally add some chicken broth to it. Of course, that is completely up to you. Cardamoms and cloves make this dish even more delicious. So also do fennel seeds and bay leaves. A pinch of asafoetida, a paste of Kashmiri chillies, yogurt, cinnamon sticks, etc. make it truly Kashmiri.

Adding your own touches

Should you or should you not add your own touches to this dish? It would be preferable not to since this dish is a special one. Of course, you can eat it with one of those oh-so-delicious Naan breads or Naans. Not only are they soft and tasty but also add a Kashmiri touch to the dish. If you want, you could also serve it with rotis or bread but then that should be your choice.

Details about Balanced Diet

A balanced diet refers to one which provides the essential nutrients for the proper functioning of the body. It could be obtained through including food items which are rich in nutrients. These include vegetables, fresh fruits, lean meat, whole grains, etc. At the same time, you should avoid foods having great amount of fat as well.

This kind of diet is quite important because the tissues and organs require considerable nutrition to function in an effective manner. Without good nutrition, your body may be prone to several diseases, fatigue, infections, etc. which results in poor performance. The children who are on poor diet may face growth as well as developmental problems. Moreover, they continue with unhealthy food habits lifelong as well. In certain countries, there is a rise in the level of diabetes and obesity owing to unhealthy diet and lack of proper exercise.

The foods which are rich in minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients constitute a balanced diet. Food items including vegetables, fruits, grains, proteins, and dairy should be essentially there in your diet. Vegetables are an excellent resource of minerals and vitamins. Generally, dark leafy vegetables contain high amount of nutrition and could be consumed with every meal. Fruits are also high in nutrition and they make a quick snack. Seasonal fruits should be chosen for consumption as they would be fresher. Whole grains are quite rich in nutrients. While grinding the flour, the hull should also be included to increase the nutritional value. You can also do a research on them to increase your knowledge further. Beans and meat are considered as rich in protein. These are necessary for proper development of brain and muscles. The dairy products offer Vitamin D, Calcium, and several other nutrients. The one thing which should not be part of the daily diet is oils.

To summarize, if you follow a balanced and healthy diet, you can stay healthy and fit lifelong.

What Should Older People Eat to Stay Healthy

Although it is important to stay healthy at every step of life, it is critical to maintain your health while growing older. As a person’s age progresses, they may develop special nutrient requirements. These needs cannot be fulfilled by consuming just any type of diet. One should really eat right. In older people, cell or tissue growth becomes slower. Some older people may be facing problems like poor digestion, muscle fatigue, weaker bones, etc. They may also be having medical conditions and specific diseases that may go worse by consuming certain foods.

It is essential to intake the right amount of food and with right amount of nutritional elements in it. It is also necessary to eat smaller meals at set timings. Older people should take care that their foods are easily digestible and absorbable. On the other hand, nutritional balance should be maintained according to any medical conditions they may have. For example, more vitamins can be taken to reduce the bad affects of free radicals that are released in the body during aging. Older women may lack calcium in their bodies after menopause. Thus, they may consume more foods rich in calcium.

Some Tips to Eating Right: In addition to preparing soft and chewable food, older people may also follow a few of the following tips to stay healthier.
• Consumption of seasonal fruits in ample amount can prevent constipation and provide antioxidants to the body.
• Processed foods with preservatives should be avoided.
• Thickened vegetable soups are great to accompany meals.
• Food should preferably be cooked using olive or mustard oil so it may raise the level of good cholesterol in the body and remove bad cholesterol.
• It is helpful to consume protein-rich foods, such as egg whites, low-fat milk and cheese. Such foods can help a person repair their damaged body cells and tissues.
• While going out, some healthy snack bars may be carried. These can provide instant energy if one faces fatigue or tiredness during a walk or jog.
• For better muscular functioning and regulated blood pressure, older people should include potassium-rich foods in their diet. Some such food items include fenugreek seeds, sweet limes and coconut water.
• Breakfast should be light yet nutritious. Thus, one may consume foods like oats and porridge.
• Water consumption should be kept higher so one does not feel dehydrated.
• If possible, older people should keep themselves fit by performing regular yoga or exercises after taking relevant consultation from an expert.

Foods That Can Control Your Diabetes

Diabetes has become a common medical problem among people and can be damaging to health in various ways. While many individuals resort to medical ways to control their raised blood sugar levels, they may also do it in a healthier way. In fact, it is easy to control diabetes by simply altering some food habits and consuming specific types of foods that are nutritious. It is about choosing the right foods and including them in your daily meals. Check out some super foods that can be beneficial for maintaining the health of people with diabetes.

Dark and leafy green vegetables

For those having diabetes, it is important to lower the level of blood sugar and improve the nutrient content by consuming a balanced diet. Thus, it can be quite helpful to include dark and leafy green vegetables in your diet if you are facing diabetes. These vegetables are not only rich in nutrients, but are also low on the calorie count. Leafy vegetables are low on carbohydrates that are unhealthy for diabetics. You may choose to consume vegetables like kale, spinach, mustard greens, etc.

Citrus fruits

All types of citrus fruits have high amount of vitamin C that is beneficial for the health of your heart. Citrus fruits also provide fiber that slows down the absorption of sugar in your body. Thus, eating grapefruit or oranges can cut down on your diabetes and also keep you healthier.


Cinnamon is great for reducing glucose levels in your body by a significant amount. It further capacitates fat cells to respond positively to insulin. According to experts, you may consume a quarter or half of a teaspoon of cinnamon daily. It can be added to some of the dishes you prepare.


Several studies have proved that garlic brings down the blood sugar level in the body. It does this by stimulating pancreas and increasing insulin level production. You may simply consume a garlic clove twice or thrice a day in order to reduce your chances of having diabetes or controlling your diabetes.

Fat-free yogurt

This magic food can reduce your cravings for high-carbohydrate items while providing calcium and vitamin D to your body. Thus, it can be used as a filler food when you feel hungry between meals. This practice can be highly beneficial in controlling your blood sugar levels.

Green tea

It is a very healthy way to regulate your blood sugar. You may drink two to three cups of it daily to control diabetes.

Simple recipe of egg fried rice:

Egg fried rice is a simple and quick recipe which can be made with left over rice from night and it is also served as a perfect dish for the sudden guests. It is a very healthy dish. This is more delicious when done with long grained rice.

The first step is to cook the rice and cool it well. Later prepare the egg scramble. Steps to prepare egg scramble is heat 2 tsp of oil in a pan. Beat 2 to 4 eggs (as per requirement) in a bowl and pour the mixture into the pan. Add little salt and pepper as per your taste. Let the egg get settled and scramble it properly. Now egg scramble is ready. Now chop the 5 garlic cloves, 1 medium onions, 2 medium carrots and 8 to 10 beans finely. Pour 1tsp of oil in the pan add garlic, later add onions and fry them till they become translucent. Later add the chopped carrot and beans and mix it on high flame. All the process should be done on high flame. Don’t let the vegetables lose its crunchiness. Later add the cooked rice, salt, soya sauce and mix them well. Add the egg scramble and mix it well. It can be served best with raitha.